Our Values



We will, without question, present only recommendations that are the most advantageous to the client. At all times and with every decision, the culture of our firm places the needs of our clients ahead of our own.



You hire financial professionals to rely on them for advice and expertise in financial matters. In addition to our commitment to assist in this area, we are always available to answer questions, provide the information needed, and quickly respond to your requests.


A Cordial Connection

The Live Oak Public Finance team is dedicated to forging lasting relationships. To that end, we want the client to enjoy the process as well as enjoy working with us. With our team coming alongside our clients, we can work together to achieve their financial goals.

Why Live Oak

Live Oak was created with the firm belief that every financing completed would be for those we serve, and only for those we serve. To act on that mission, we strive to communicate all information that will ensure our clients have a firm grasp of their specific financings, as well as a full understanding of the entire process. We gain great satisfaction in growing the infrastructure of American municipal entities and take great pride in accomplishing each task to the complete satisfaction of those who partner with us.

The core practice of our business is advising our clients in capital projects and debt management strategies. Within these areas, we provide guidance for the following:

Types of Financing

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Live Oak focuses exclusively on providing financial advisory services. We do not provide any services pertaining to arbitrage rebate consulting, investment management, or other debt-oriented services.